Top Three Trendy Gadgets For Shaving


For an easy, comfortable and smooth shaving experience, you need to upgrade your shaving tools and gadgets. The more you equip, the better and smarter you shave, and the more handsome you will be.

The present market has all the newest and the best grooming gadgets for men. Some of the most useful tools and devices for shaving are mentioned below.

Fog Free Mirrors

Without a mirror it’s almost impossible to shave. Whether you are shaving in your bathroom or outside, especially when you are out for an adventure, you still need a mirror. There are different types of mirror that can be used for shaving. From the simplest to the most trendy mirror such as the Fog free mirror.

The fog free mirrors are produced by several brands. There are different types of for free mirror available in the market ranging from design, shape and material.

For example, the Shave Well Fog free mirror is one of the most fashionable and reliable mirror for shaving. It’s made of durable material, easy to clean and it will not fog up or create any inconveniences while shaving. You will be able to see your face very clearly, and this will definitely shorten your time for shaving as well. The temperature of the moist air and the mirror surface will equalize to create a long lasting, fog free image for a comfortable and easy shaving experience.

High-Tech Electric Shavers


Shaver is one of the most important gadget or tools for shaving. Without a shaver you can never shave. You may use different types of razor however, the better the device, the smarter and more comfortable is shaving. Therefore, it’s highly important to invest on high performing, durable electric shaver for experiencing the comfort and ease of shaving.

There are mainly two different types of shaver, the Foil and Rotary shaver. There are various brands that manufacture excellent electric shavers. But the best and the most reliable electric shavers are produces by Philips Norelco, Braun, Panasonic and Remington.

Visit Ever Smart Shaver and you will find list of shavers both rotary and foil shavers ranging from design, shape, color and distinctive features. For example, The Philips Norelco Series 9700 is a rotary shaver, excellent for dry and wet shaving. It’s fully equipped with innovative features and various other benefits and advantageous. The Remington Smart Edge XF8700 model is a foil electric shaver, amazing for shaving both short and long hairs without any discomfort and irritation to your skin.

If you wish to read or know more about the best electric shavers for men click here

Cleansing Systems

In the simplest word Cleaning System is nothing but a device to clean the shaver. Cleaning the shaver after every shave is important. This will not only boost the performance of the shaver but, it will surely add value to its durability and maintenance of the shaver. Moreover, you will save your time from cleaning.

Electric shavers that are available in the market mostly, comes with cleaning system or Smart Clean system. For example, Philips Norelco 9300 Dry and Wet shaver, and Philips Norelco 7300 Rotary electric shaver comes with Smart Clean system that cleans, lubricate, dries and charges the shaver ready for the next use.

If incase, the shaver that you are using does not include cleaning system, you have make sure that the shaver is properly clean with water and cleaning brush after shaving. This will help the shaver to perform efficiently and it will last long.

In this technologically advanced world, it is important for us to use gadgets and devices that will help us to do things in a much smarter, easier and comfortable way. Using the above mentioned gadgets, shaving will no longer be a routine and boring activity but, you will truly experience the comfort and ease of shaving. In fact, you will be tempted to shave everyday in order to look clean and smart for any occasion.

Photive HYDRA: The Ultimate Inexpensive Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Who does not love a good speaker? Our search for good speakers at an affordable price has come to an end with the discovery of Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This is everything that I have every wanted in a speaker and more. This includes actual ruggedness and fine booming sound in addition to the fine perk of it being waterproof. You do not just have to stick to just your iPods or MP3 players anymore.

What is so extraordinary and unique about this speaker that makes people say it is “jaw-dropping” awesome? First, it is designed to take a beating; you will never have to baby it. Secondly, it comes with so many exclusive features that many top-notch speakers do not even have. Thirdly, the price is just tang on the target, super reasonable.

Some Features that Attract Users and are Worth Mentioning

This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, shock proof, and dust proof with IP 66 ratings. Therefore, you have the freedom to carry it with you wherever you go. The rugged design adds more value and convenience in carrying anywhere.

Photive HYDRA wireless speaker is fully equipped with two powerful acoustic audio drivers along with the subwoofer. This helps in delivering powerful and crystal clear sound without distortion. It’s wonderful and awesome to listen with it.

With the support of the highly advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology, pairing and connecting with any Bluetooth compatible devices such as your iPhone, tablets and laptops are quite easy, quick, and convenient.

The Photive HYDRA waterproof Bluetooth speaker will allow you to enjoy listening to your favorite music for about 8 hours when it’s fully charged. The Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery easily gets charged in about 2 to 3hours by using the USB cable. You can also charge it from your laptop or a power bank.

Other Specifications and Details:

  • The Photive Hydra Bluetooth speaker measures 6 inch x 1.5 inch x 2 inches
  • This wireless speaker will hardly weigh about 8 ounces
  • The Model number of this particular speaker is – PH-BTW55
  • It comes with an in-built microphone and speakerphone, which enables you to attend personal phone calls without any hassle and trouble
  • A USB cable is included in the package.

What’s so Tempting & Appealing About the Photive HYDRA Wireless Speaker? 

The price is very reasonable. You will be surprised and find it hard to say No for such a deal. Considering its size and sound, the price is worth paying every penny.

Portability and the flexibility for various uses is another appealing factor about this particular Bluetooth speaker. You could also use this speaker as a shower speaker if you want to. Others carry it with them while rafting, hiking, camping, and for pool site fun too.

Check out and experience the power of music as you enjoy the quality and powerful sound of music with Photive HYDRA Bluetooth speaker. If you’d like more details visit ThunderingSound site.

Being waterproof, shock proof, and dust proof, maintenance is easy. Carry with you wherever you go, you will never be lonely as long as you own this speaker.

Who knows, your passion for music and technology may even be further boosted as you listen to your favorite artist and other collections of music from a powerful sound system such as the Photive HYDRA speaker.

Key Features of Modern Induction Cooktop




The conventional gas stoves are mostly replaced with the introduction of Induction cooktops. The innovative features and other advantages and benefits contributed in making induction cooktops the most preferred cooktop in today’s generation.

The below are some the Key Features that needs to be considered when purchasing an Induction Cooktop:

  • Precise Control Temperature

Most induction cooktops are equipped with this feature. Depending on the model and brand the temperature settings may vary from 5 to 10 degree increments. With the support of this feature cooking time and required temperature can be entered and executed as per your settings. A good example of cooktops with such feature include GE PHP900DMBB which is one of the GE profile induction range.

  • Child Lock Function

This function will prevent the cooktop from being accidentally switched On.

This feature is considered to be the most significant one since Safety is what every parents look for when investing on any kitchen appliances. For housewives who are so concern about child’s safety in the kitchen this function is apt and excellent.

  • Speed Boost Functionality

This function will enable you to save more time and energy in cooking. Speed booster feature is capable of heating or boiling water and cook food much faster than the conventional cooktops. The speed boost function has to be selected when you wanted to cook your food within a short span of time.

  • Overflow Detector

The overflow detector will detect or sense spills or overflows when cooking. With this feature it automatically shut-off with an alarm to alert us. This feature also contributed in safety of the cooktop.

  • The Heating Elements 

Depending on the model,  some induction cooktop consist of double heating elements or burner up to four or five burners at the most.

The heating element is made of coil type resistant material which reaches the working temperature quickly. While others are mostly crafted with the standard built-in types. Checkout how induction cooking works here.

  • The Heat Indicator Light or the Hot Surface Indicator 

This is another safety feature which indicates or alerts you when the surface of the heating element is warm or too hot to touch. Depending on the type of cooktop such indicator also function to detect the burnt residual on the surface of the cooktop.

  • Built in Timer

With this feature you have the freedom to control your cooking by setting the required time for cooking particular dish as per your preference. Each Burner can be individually programmed or set to shut off depending upon the type of cooktop. This function is very helpful for those forgetful housewives and workaholics who are so occupied with their work that they tend to forget that they are cooking.

  • Keep Warm Function

Majority of the induction cooktop has simmer control at low temperatures which enables you to reduce the cooking power and keeps the food warm till your lunch or dinner time.

Though this function is to limit the heat supplied to the burner by offering simmer mode it will not restrain the cooktop in producing the maximum heat when you turn on to the speed booster mode or the highest mode of heating.

  • Anti-Overheat System 

Some induction cooktops are uniquely designed to automatically switch off when it reaches the maximum temperature limit in cooking. This is another excellent feature for avoiding harms and danger when it is overcooked. This feature will automatically reduce energy consumption, helping you save more money in paying induction bill.

Induction cooktops that are available in the market can vary from design to its significant features however, the above listed features are the most common key features of an induction cooktop.

Polaroid Mini Lifestyle Camera (Black)

You don’t have to wait for the moments to capture anymore because Polaroid Mini Lifestyle Action Camera is ready for more actions to catch up on the move or on the go with your bike or car. This mini camera is an essential item for your adventurous life because it is not only splash proof for use under any weather condition but also resists the impact of dropping or accidental falling on the ground due to its rubberized body. It is one small and compact technology gadget, but it’s always ready to capture more actions for ninety minutes at a go.

The Technical Details of Polaroid Mini Action Camera at a Glance


  • Dimension:1.38” X 1.38” X 1.38”
  • Weight: 1.66 Ounces
  • Storage: micro SHDC up to 32 GB
  • Battery life: One and a half hour of continuous HD video recording
  • Color: Black
  • Camera : 6 Megapixels
  • Microphone: built-in

The Polaroid mini action camera is just 1.38-inch big and it looks like a cube. It weighs 1.66 ounces fo

r easy portability. You can simply mount it on the top of your car or your bike because it has magnetic covers at the top and at the sides, which sticks easily on all ferrous metals.

The picture quality of this cube-shaped mini camera is awesome. Though it features only 6 megapixels, the picture quality is better than most of what most smartphones deliver. You can record HD video at 1080p and to enable capturing more actions, it has a wide-angle lens of 124 degrees.

At a single press of the button, your camera is ready for the action. Once you start recording HD video, you can continue without interruption for one and a half hour until you fill 32 GB of micro SDHC. When you come home, you will be amazed to see high-resolution video or pictures captured with a mini cube camera.

Wherever you may be, you will never miss the fun. Nothing can stop you, not even the rain or the sun to capture whatever you want to because it is splash proof and shockproof. It will be of great fun to go fishing with this camera, as it is splash proof. How exciting it would be to capture fishes live in the water.

In order to operate this camera, you have to press the button for three seconds and when the LED blinks green, it means the camera is on. If you give a single press, it captures photos and if you double click, video shooting starts. The orange color LED indicates that the camera is charging, the green color indicates that the camera is on and the red color indicates that it is recording.

Overall, it has a compact and solid looks. It is not very pricey at $100 for the features it offers. If you are the kind of person who loves adventurous life, it is for you. Having this camera with you in your adventure trip, you will not have shortage of fun anywhere.

Basic And Important Information About Bluetooth Technology

Gadgets and devices that we used daily for listening music, communicating with one another and for various other purposes, are mostly equipped with Bluetooth facility. This has made things much easier, faster and more convenient for us to use the gadgets and to enjoy the benefits of it to the fullest.

What is Bluetooth?

In the simplest word, Bluetooth is a wireless technology.

What is Bluetooth Technology?

bluetoothBluetooth technology is a wireless technology that helps in connecting two or more electronic devices when they are in close vicinity to one another.

In other words, Bluetooth technology is a wireless communications system that connects different types of devices such as Smartphones, tablets and laptops etc.


A brief history of Bluetooth Technology

The name “Bluetooth” is said to have derived from the name Harald Blatand Gormsson. (the medieval King of Denmark in the 10th Century). His nickname was Bluetooth. “Bluetooth” is the English translation for “Blatand”. He was very fond of eating blueberries, that he stained his teeth blue.

The Bluetooth technology was originally developed or invented by scientist Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson in the year 1994. They were working for a Swedish company called Ericsson.

In the year 1998, group of companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, IBM and Toshiba came together to form the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)

Today, these companies are putting their best efforts to educate, preserve and further Bluetooth technology as a means to bring devices into the connected world.

The Classifications of Bluetooth Technology

There are various types of Bluetooth technologies available today. The different types of Bluetooth devices that are available in the market include the following: Radios, PC cards, headsets and Dongles. Today, you will even find a Bluetooth enabled Smartwatch.

Bluetooth in radio technology has its origin in portable radio communicators such as the Walkie-talkies, which are mainly developed by the military, as a means of communication.

In Laptops and other Internet enabled devices, there are wireless mouse and keyboard.

Music players like iPods, Smartphones, MP3 players uses headphones or headsets that works wirelessly.

What’s the Importance and Benefits of using Bluetooth?

Modern Bluetooth Gadgets

Modern Bluetooth Gadgets

With the help of Bluetooth, you can easily and comfortably attend any phone calls hands freely with the support of the wireless headset or headphones.

You can locate compatible devices and give a command for printing your important documents, and also send fax anywhere. Moreover, synchronization of PDA (Personal Digital Assistants), PC and Laptop is quite easy and much faster.

Bluetooth technology gives you the freedom to send important documents and information, listen to your favorite music or share videos, songs and photos with your close friends wirelessly.

The Bluetooth technology has the ability to simultaneously handle data and voice transmissions without any hassle and trouble.

Bluetooth technology is bringing everyday devices into a digital and connected world. For example, in Bluetooth enabled vehicles, the drivers will have an access to information related to traffic, vehicle diagnostics etc

Some of the key features of Bluetooth technology

One of the key features of Bluetooth technology is, the ability to connect or allows devices from different manufacturers to work together without any difficulty.

It’s absolutely easy and quick to install. Once installed, it’s free to use.

In terms of operation and usability it’s less complicated.

It’s easily available at low cost and it’s completely wireless.

Another important feature of Bluetooth technology is its robustness.

It has uniform structure for a wide range of devices to connect and communicate with each other.


Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication system that is almost replacing cable or wire connection. Bluetooth technology is eliminating the tangling of cables, plug in, configure etc that can easily mess up your work and home decor.

Finally, we can also say that Bluetooth technology is a combination of both hardware and software. Because, it requires a computer chip containing Bluetooth radio that needs software to connect or run via Bluetooth wireless technology, with other compatible devices.

Sony SW2 Smart Watch for Android Phones

Live smart with Sony SW2 Smartwatch and never miss out a single notification wherever you are from your android Smartphone. It’s a Bluetooth enabled Smartwatch for your android phone. However, it is compatible with selective Bluetooth devices which have version 4.0 onwards.


A Few Smart Features of Sony Smartwatch

The top features of Sony SW2 Smartwatch includes readability in broad daylight, touch or swipe to check notifications, it is IP 57 rated for dustproof and waterproof with state of the art technology in the touch screen of the watch.

Always get Access to Social Media Networks with a Smartwatch

Yes, pair up the Bluetooth of your smartwatch and your android phone with NFC and enjoy uninterrupted access to social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+ and counting. Get notifications, messages or calls of your phone via Bluetooth of your Smartphone and smartwatch without having the trouble to take out your phone from your pocket or bag.

Have Fun Anytime in Any Weather Condition

No matter whether it rains or shines, wherever you may be, it is safe for you to have this smartwatch with you and have exciting fun anytime. This smartwatch is readable in broad daylight without glare. You can pinch, touch or swipe in any way as you do in a Smartphone to access any apps or messages. Surprisingly, it comes with IP 57, which is dust proof and waterproof. Even if you dive into your swimming pool with this Smartwatch, you don’t have to worry because it is waterproof and so you can still get notifications or messages.

Take or Make Calls Anytime, Anywhere

It has a built-in microphone for you to make or take calls anytime anywhere. May be, with this Smartwatch on your wrist, you would be like 007 to do the magic of your Smartwatch. The advancement in technology is so fast that what we thought impossible once upon a time has become a reality now.

Live a Smart Life with a Smartwatch

There are many apps you can download from Google Play and enjoy Smart life like never before. You can check out who is calling and who is updating in Facebook and Twitter. Your Smartwatch acts as a remote to your Smartphone in order to access all those notifications without having to take out from your pocket. Moreover, it is a standalone watch so that you can always check out the time and calendar.

The dimension of this smartwatch is 3.6” X 3.3” X 4.4” and weighs only 11.2 ounces. This just a perfect fit for you if you are a heavy communicator because it will keep you updated all the time and lets you know what’s happening around you.

Never Miss Out Notifications and Messages

This Sony Smartwatch can be your next favorite modern gadgets. You are always within reach with this smartwatch anytime anywhere in any weather condition. However, you should see that it is compatible only with Bluetooth version 4.0 onwards. Make sure that get the right version of Bluetooth so that you don’t have to be embarrassed for the wrong choice later on.